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Through day 'till night,
She works three jobs
Until she is exhausted
For him and him only.
But instead he doesn't care at all.
Whilst chasing his dream,
Whilst he's with other women,
This naive woman is tired.
It will be that one day
That he will receive the
Consequence of this selfishness,
And experience the true meaning of
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 0 2
Like Vegetables
We are beautiful.
Like vegetables.
Fresh.  Beautiful.  Unique.
Each one is always different.
You would never get
Mushroom that would look exactly the same.
Yet it is still beautiful in its own way.
So why do we all think that we're
Ugly?  Stupid?
And change ourselves
To reach other's expectations?
Next time you look in the mirror,
Tell yourself that you're beautiful.
And you don't need to listen to anyone but yourself.
And yourself ONLY.
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 2 2
Chapter 5
Julian Ichiban -  a mixed blood where her father's the president of one of the most successful Japanese companies and an American mother who's most respected for her acting and modelling. Your heart clenched at the name again.
  The two of you were silence again.
  Tears trickled down your cheeks.  
"I'm sorry."  He whispered, whilst stoking away the tear.
"It's okay.  I better go."  You pushed his hand away, gently, and hurried to the door.  
"Don't go."  He grabbed your arm and spun you around to face him.  You looked at him for a moment.  He was tired; exhausted.  You stoked his face; gently.
"I won't." You smiled.
  One sentence.  Just one sentence, it changes everything.  It changes the story, the plot. Everything.  You would never have expected this would happen.  You would not have expected it to tu
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 1 5
Colours warm like sun
Leaves cover the concrete ground
Autumn is coming.
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 0 0
Not really a sonnet sonnet
My lover's eye are red like blood,
Even rocks are brighter then his lips.
If giraffes are tall, why then is he on the ground?
Let hands be claws, then he has the claws of a eagle.
He talks with words of a banter,
With breath that reeks.
With every "I love you's" is said with disgusts
Has bored me to death.
The lass he was with every dawn,
Has the most impeccable features.
With eye that was nothing like the sun
And lips of a frog.
However, my love for him is only rare,
As he is would never be compared.
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 1 7
Chapter 4
You had so many kisses before.  So many that it had became uncountable.  This one was different.  Unlike other ones, it is filled with so much emotions and past memories.  He broke the kiss first.  You  stood there; trying to catch your breath.  You wondered why did he do that.  Just moments ago, he said he loved Julian but why then he kissed you with so much anger and lust?  You both glanced at each other; holding each other's gazes.
"It's… it's getting late.  I'd better be going, my parents would worry."  You laughed as it was a joked.  It was only 9.30.  You know that your parents would  only worry if it's 11.  Still, you'd do anything to break this tension.
"Oh, okay."
"See you tomorrow then," You got your bag and walked towards the door. Turning around, you whispered: "Bye bye."
Then the unexpected happened.  With warm
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 1 5
Chapter 3
You both stood there, in awkward silence.  You wondered what he meant by saying that.  What does he mean by decided not to love you ever again?  You walked over to the window - looking at Tokyo's night sky.  It was magnificent.  Even after seventeen years of living; it was still breath-taking.  
"What do you mean by deciding to never love?" You finally got the strengths to say.
"What… what did you mean?"
"I… it was… I just said it wrong!"
"Then, what were you going to say?"
"I… I was referring to Julian!" He looked toward the left; trying not to face you.
You heart ached at the name.  The name of his ex-girlfriend.  They had been together for a month until she had slept with another man behind his back.  You thought that the short time that they were together he wouldn't fall in love with her; but you were wrong.
"Julian?" You accidentally said the name in disgust.
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 1 0
Chapter 2
The man ruffled his hair.  "Argh!  Stop staring!"  You could see a tint of pink on his cheeks.  
"I'm sorry."  You whispered.
The man looked shocked.  "Why are you saying sorry?"  He grabbed you shoulders; forcing you to look at him.  "WHY ARE YOU SAYING SORRY?!"  You could see desperation within his eyes - searching for answers.
  More tears overflow your eyes as you began to shake.  Still, you never dared to look away.  The both of you stood there in complete silence; with only light to fill in the gap in-between.  "I SAID STOP CRYING!"  He released you.  "I've already made up my mind that I won't ever love you. Ever."
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 1 3
Chapter 1
"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I've never experienced a love so true."
You read that over and over again; tears trickling down your cheeks.  You forgot what you had felt before. A feeling that was so perfect, so impeccable that was nearly unreal.
   "Stop crying.  You're making me feel as if I'm the culprit here."  You stare at the man that stood within the darkness.  A man that was once a lover is now unrecognisable.  "It's not my fault.  It's just you. You should've just listened to your precious friends whom you trusted.  How can you be so naive and stupid?"  The man knelt down to face you.  You can see the darkness within his eyes - swirling around the pupil.  The man looked away.  "Stop staring!  STOP STARING AT ME WITH THOSE EYES!  Don't you know?  You look right into people's eyes as if you know what they're thinking. 
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 1 3
Call Me Anything
You call me fat?
Then I'll be fat.
I'll eat nothing and there's nothing
YOU can do to stop me!
Because it's gonna be your fault!
You call me ugly?
Then I'll be ugly.
I'll use all your money
Just to purchase cosmetics!
And we'll see who'll be laughing!
You call me stupid?
Then I'll be stupid.
I'll fail in life and
Have no dreams whatsoever!
And it's your fault!
You're describing yourself.
You can call me fat, ugly, stupid.
You can call me anything!
But you're just calling me those names
So that YOU can feel better.
Well, guess what?
I think I'm beautiful!
I think I'm not fat!
I think I'm smart!
And someday someone is
Going to tell me those words.
And you'll have no one
Because you're always denying it!
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 0 0
Do you remember me?
Our first kiss?
Our first date?
Our time together?
I can see you sitting there
Admiring the birds outside like you always do.
I can see your confused look
Not knowing what had just happened.
You remember everyone,
Except us.
"You are the only reason why I still living"
You had said.
It's the same for me.
I can't live without you. Ever.
So by the time you've recovered.
And remember me,
I might be gone.
Because at this moment,
I can't live without you or you're love.
My Beloved.
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 0 4
My Lost Love
Your delicate hands are soft,
Like silk.
Your speech makes my feel aloft
Your skin is just like milk.
You're impeccable,
You're magnificent.
Your kiss is unforgettable
And our memories together is significant.
But our love isn't strong
You have disappeared.
Leaving me with something I feared.
I'll never forget the way we were,
Before your heart chose to her.
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 0 0
You sit there.
Feeling nothing but sadness.
You yet to know the reason.
You're afraid.
Afraid to find out the reason for this horrible feeling.
People around you are curious of what happened.
You are unable to tell them 'cause you're afraid.
You could think over the reasons why,
But you're afraid.
You start to think only about your imperfections.
About how fat you are,
How ugly you are,
And how many people you think that hates you.
You blame the weather;
With its dark clouds and cold winds.
But you know that it isn't the truth.
The truth is hidden somewhere deep in your heart.
Everyday, you put on this impeccable mask on.
Full of fakeness and lies.
But this mask has helped you through big obstacles in your life
And help you to not be afraid anymore.
:iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 0 0
Butterfly Fly Away by Winnie1996 Butterfly Fly Away :iconwinnie1996:Winnie1996 0 2


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United Kingdom

I'm Winnie

I LOVE art!!
Reading is my passion!
K-Pop is probably THE best genre of music I've heard so far! (with the exception of rock)
I'm really excited for the Hunger Games coming out!
I am OBSESSED with Final Fantasy! >.<
I am currently Sherlocked so much that I would rather die than miss an episode of Sherlock!

That's it for now and I hope you'll like my artwork! ^_^

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Visual Kei, K-Pop, J-Pop, indie
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Ciel (Kuroshitsuji) and Near (Death Note)


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